Safety and Quality Management

Any work performed by S.Y Zandberg employee is combining the highest level of quality and safely standards.
But we care more, safely and quality are values for us.



One of the S.Y Zandberg achieved targets is to providing its employees a safe working environment, one that will cause Zero incidents.

The implementation of our philosophy assisted by:
• A company Safety plan which instruct the safe and right way to perform any job.
• Periodically safety trainings and daily safety sessions on tool box meeting emphasizing:
1. Safety is preceding all
2. Each employee is committed to safety and will be a model for imitation.
3. Every accident is preventable.
4. Safety environment is a MUST

• A safety officer on a full- time job report directly to the general manager.
• Reporting and investigation procedure for any safety incident or almost incident. Conclusions are learned and implemented.
• Periodically inspection of electrical equipment and lifting devices.

Safety is a way of life



We believe that the only way to do the job is to perform it per our high quality standards and procedures we are committed to.

Projects are performed with the on site involvement of our dedicated QA/QC technicians along the projects managers during the different stages of the project.

QA/QC department is responsible to implement customer specifications, if available, and reporting directly to the general manager for non conforming activities.

The use of the correct materials and equipment for each work, working per the dedicated procedure and internal punch list before handover are some of the tools to assure and control the outcome quality.

Quality is the way for business.